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The Orthotic Centre has served patients in Sudbury and surrounding areas since 1999. We are proud to offer a products and services that include custom knee braces, foot orthotics, ankle braces, sports braces, full biomechanical gait assessments and osteoarthritis care.

Locally Owned and Operated with Over 30 Years of Experience

Our primary goal is to provide quality care for every client. We have a certified orthotist on staff and are authorized for WSIB, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), Indian Affairs, MOH and direct billing to Green Shield.

Not All Foot Orthotics Are Created Equal

Understanding your unique condition is paramount at The Orthotic Centre. We go through a detailed and thorough biomechanical assessment to gain insight into your diagnosis so that the best outcome is achieved. We work closely with your medical doctor to develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to fit your specific condition and individual needs.

Knee Bracing, Foot Orthotics, Orthopedic Appliances and Supports

Injuries, repetitive motion and the effects of aging can wreak havoc on the human body, but modern science and medicine offer hope for people suffering from osteoarthritis, an injury or those who want to maintain a certain physical lifestyle. Whether you are an everyday individual or an elite athlete, The Orthotic Centre has a solution for you to achieve your best results.

Individual Treatment Plan

At The Orthotic Centre we perform a comprehensive biomechanical examination that helps us to design an individual treatment plan for each patient, providing relief for their unique conditions. Late evening appointments are available to accommodate your busy schedule, and our onsite lab allows us to design, construct, adjust and modify the braces locally for each patient. Please call to discuss how we can assist you with your specific condition or to schedule an appointment at our office.

Don’t let an injury or medical condition hold you back from enjoying life. Call the experts at The Orthotic Centre to learn more about how you can regain mobility, comfort and functionality.

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• Plantar Orthosis
• Lumbar Braces
• Knee Braces
• Ankle Braces
• Sports Braces
• Orthopedic Appliances
• Foot Inserts
• Knee Supports
• Knee Sleeves
• Patella Femoral
• Back Braces
• Unloader Braces
• Osteoarthritis Braces
• Diabetic Foot Orthotics
• Compression Socks
• Foot Insoles

The Orthotic Centre, Orthopedic Appliances, Orthotics, Foot Appliances, in Sudbury Ontario.

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